'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Beats Addiction & Gets New Movie

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'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Beats Addiction & Gets New Movie

Mighty Ducks was one of the 90s sports movies that seemed to be about so much more than the sport itself. Sure they were playing hockey, but really they were teaching us about ourselves in a big way.

Shaun Weiss played Greg Goldberg in the movie, but even though the movie was a hit, that doesn't mean the rest of his life has been easy.

On August 2nd, 2017, Weiss was found stumbling near the Warner Bros. studios lot, carrying the illegal drug.

That particular incident happened days after he was said to have stolen $150 worth of products from an electronics store. He was sentenced to 150 days in jail, but only served 12 due to overcrowding.

However, the thing that has really caught people's attention this time is the fact that his mugshot was basically unrecognizable.

Shaun Weiss mugshot
Oroville Police Department

While it had obviously been a while since that movie came out, he looks like he has been through a lot since then. The actor was not looking good, and people were worried about him.

People had a hard time believing the mugshot wass actually him.

"WOW I thought those pictures of Shaun Weiss were a joke. I can’t believe that’s really him," one Twitter user said at the time.

While another shared a picture of him from 2015 that really highlighted the differences.

That wasn't his only run in with the law. Marysville Police Department released a statement in 2020 that said Weiss was arrested for residential burglary and being under the influence of methamphetamine.

Police say Weiss broke into a woman’s garage and then broke into her car by shattering a window. The homeowner called police during the break-in, and officers found Weiss in the car when they arrived. They arrested him and took him to the Yuba County Jail. He was charged with bring under the influence of methamphetamine and residential burglary.

However, since then the former child star has been on the straight and narrow working really intensely on his sobriety, Weiss revealed the hard work has paid off. In November 2021, Shaun graduated drug court and revealed he has 21 months clean and sober. The problem is, you won’t see this shared as many times as his downfall. Weiss took to Instagram to share striking before-and-after images to highlight his commitment to becoming sober. In the first image he appeared emaciated and disheveled. The second photo showed him smiling and looking healthy."A journey of a thousand miles begins with 12 amazing steps," the caption read.

Yuba County District Attorney’s Office shared some details about Weiss’ success in the California drug court in a Facebook post highlighting his accomplishment.

“Shaun demonstrated perseverance during his recovery, complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. He had to move treatment and transitional living programs on several occasions. He underwent dental reconstructive surgery, and had a close family member suffer a serious accident during his treatment. Shaun regained employment and has been traveling across the country making guest appearances and signing autographs. He received tremendous support from friends and fans of the character, Goldberg, he played in the 1992 hit The Mighty Ducks,” the court wrote.

After all that hard work - Shaun Weiss has just landed his first acting gig since recovering from his drug addiction. He took to Instagram to announce he had scored a role in the upcoming film Jesus Revolution, writing: “John Erwin & Lions Gate for my first role in... a while."

His upcoming film, Jesus Revolution, will also star Kelsey Grammer, comedian Jim Gaffigan and The Kissing Booth’s Joel Courtney.The film will tell the true story of the spiritual awakening of the Jesus Movement in the 1960s and its origins in a teenage hippie community in Southern California, according to Deadline.

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