Miracle Baby Goat Brought Back to Life

When Spartacus was born, his mom left him behind in the field. This was during a freak snow in April. Later, his owner found him and had to give him CPR to bring him back to life. He still suffers some medical issues as a result, but he truly is a miracle baby goat!

He was brought to Don't Forget Us Pet Us, a sanctuary that gives animals a second chance. It was clear he had issues when he would only drink from a bottle instead eating normally. He also has the desire to do 'head pressing', where he pushes his head into a hard surface and cries.


It was at the Sanctuary is where he met Tumbleweed, a baby Emu. The two were an instant match. Due to Spartacus' brain damage, he was also left blind and has a questionable sense of smell. He can always seem to find Tumbleweed when he needs to though.


They have been able to accommodate both of them at the Sanctuary with a shared living space. When Spartacus is with Tumbleweed he shows less behaviors like the 'head pressing' and crying. When he does experience these behaviors Tumbleweed will be seen by his side offering support.


So glad these two found each other. Do you have a story about unlikely friends? Share it with us.