Missing Dog Found When Village Sent A Drone To Go Looking

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Missing Dog Found When Village Sent A Drone To Go Looking

When Katinka Slingsby lost her pet chihuahua Cherry, she was devastated, but her small Welsh village of Mynydd James rallied behind her and went to some extreme lengths to help.

They launched a "Give a Dog a Drone" hunt and raised more than £1,200 (over $2,000) to fund a drone to search for her missing dog.

And find it they did.

Cherry and Owner
Daily Express

Cherry was found trapped in an old abandoned mining tunnel after the drone used thermal imaging to locate her.

The drone was supplied by a local firm that offered the services free of charge once they heard of the campaign.

Daily Mail

"It was amazing," said Slingsby. "I just want to say thank you because we couldn't have found Cherry without the community and I'm so touched by everyone's help."

Cherry Cold
Daily Express

She says that her father and Cherry were out playing fetch, when Cherry just disappeared.

I bet next time they'll try not to throw so far.

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