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Man's Worries He'll Never See His Dog Again, But She Manages To Rescue Herself

It is always heartbreaking when you spot a missing pet sign around your city or online.

Sadly, there are a number of well-loved animals that go missing and are never to be found. So you can imagine how devastated Ryk Goddard was when he lost his dog.

The Australian radio presenter was out for a walk with his furry companion when she slipped out of her collar and escaped.

As with any missing dog's owner would do, Ryk posted flyers and pleaded with his social media followers to help with the search for his beloved girl.

Thankfully, in a miraculous turn of events, Ryk's dog, Cleo, found her way back and you won't believe how she did it.

After a few days of adventure, Cleo was ready to reunite with her owner, but instead of heading straight for home, the smart pup found Ryk in another spot - his workplace.

Somehow Cleo managed to make her way to the ABC Radio Hobart studios, where she had only been once before. Being the good girl that she is, she nestled by the front door and waited patiently for Ryk to retrieve her after his show.

If you're wondering how Cleo managed to find Ryk, dog expert and trainer Scott Hunt has a very logical explanation. He said:

“Ryk’s dog may have only been inside here once, may have only been outside here once, but a south-westerly wind blows from here up to the Domain and she would know,” said dog trainer Scott Hunt, when the story was mentioned on ABC Radio Hobart.

Basically, Cleo put her amazing sense of smell to work and went with the wind.

Just look at the happy reunion. Priceless!

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