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Mom Bans Father From Bathing His Daughters, Sparks A Social Media Firestorm

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To what extent should parents adhere to their parenting or gender stereotypes?

That's the question social media has been debating after a mother posted on Facebook that she refuses to let her husband bathe their young daughters.

Society seems to have an unwritten code about what women and men act, speak, dress, and groom themselves.

Mothers are supposed to be the ones who look after their children, whereas fathers are the ones that bring food on the table.

This parenting stereotype is outdated in the Western world for the most part, but there are some who believe that there are certain stereotypes that need to be upheld.

The Australian mother of two daughters and one son said she doesn't feel comfortable with her husband bathing her daughters, but it's okay for him to bathe their son.

Social media users could not bite their tongue on this one and had to give their two cents on the matter.

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