Mom Faced Eviction Because Of Her Toddler

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Sapphire Curzon lives in the U.K. and is the mom to a happy, healthy toddler named Callum.

Callum is a rambunctious little boy, but Curzon never thought that could get her evicted.

Curzon received a letter from the housing department where she lives and was informed that her son plays with his toys too loud, and could ultimately get her evicted.  

The landlord threatened to serve her with an ASBO, or anti-social behavior order, which is usually given out by a court as a result of people rioting, drunk driving, or dealing drugs. It makes the defendant stop whatever behavior has been complained about.

Curzon was rightly upset by this letter and went public with her problem.

“All my son does is run around and play with cars, trucks and building blocks,” Curzon said. “I find myself now constantly telling him off. But I shouldn’t tell him off because he’s playing. It’s just what a child does. He gets excited. ‘Whatever noise my son makes I feel like I have to scold him straight away. I’ve essentially having to stop him from having any fun. He’s a two-year-old child. What is he supposed to do? I have told him to try to be a little less excitable and hyperactive, but he is just full of beans.

Continue reading to see exactly what the letter says, and what her landlord has said about the issue.

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