Mom Gives Birth, Son Records Video - All In Front Seat Of Car

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Mom Gives Birth, Son Records Video - All In Front Seat Of Car

Michael Anthony Addison - Facebook

Rudy Naper gave birth to her fourth child, Jolee Lavergne Addison, in a car on Friday in Nevada while her son filmed the entire thing from the back seat.

Mike Anthony Addison was driving his wife Rudy Napier to what was supposed to be her final check-up with all three of their children in the back seat when little Jolee Lavergne Addison decided it was time for her to come into the world on Friday. The hospital is reportedly only a five-minute drive from their family home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The couple's son, Jayden had been tasked with recording a pre-birth video for his new sister as they went to the appointment - but ended up getting her birth on tape too. Dad Mike had a look at the clip and decided to share the miracle of his Facebook page.

This video may be sensitive to some people.

The video, posted on May 24, garnered millions of views through the weekend -- and with good reason.

'I've never been through anything like that in my life, and I've done some crazy stuff!' Rudy told Fox5 in Las Vegas, with a laugh.

After receiving so much attention for the unique arrival of their youngest daughter, the family started a fundraiser on Facebook to buy a minivan to be able to safely drive around their entire family.

I really want to get a bigger Vehicle for the wife as a present!! Since our first child I always teased her about driving a Minivan one day! Lol Well, 11 years and 4 kids later! We are a family of 6 now and definitely could use the extra space! So I guess this birth was a message for us to get something bigger! Seeing that the front seat of the truck is ruined with blood and amniotic fluids and smells like an old fish bowl lol 🤷🏽‍♂️ Anything would help and thank you all for the Love and support! Please continue to follow our journey on FB Peace&LoveThe Addison Family❤️5.24.19 💕Jolee Lavergne Addison💕

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