Mom Gives Birth To Record Baby, Shocks Even Doctors Who Have Delivered Thousands Of Newborns

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Mom Gives Birth To Record Baby, Shocks Even Doctors Who Have Delivered Thousands Of Newborns

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Being pregnant can come with a few surprises.

A mother of three explained that she wouldn't have any more children anytime soon after what she went through during her last delivery. She knew that she had large babies in the past because one child weighed about nine pounds while her other weighed close to 10 pounds at birth.

The mother expected that her third child would be on the heavier side as well because of how large she was during her pregnancy and based on the history of her other babies. When she was told just how much her little girl weighed, she was shocked.

Christine Corbitt lives in Florida and enjoyed being pregnant with her third baby. She thought that her baby would be close to 10 pounds, so she started preparing herself mentally and physically for the delivery of such a large baby. When her daughter was taken to the scales in the delivery room, nurses told Christine that her daughter was a whopping 13 pounds!

Larry Corbitt knew that his wife would deliver a large baby as well but didn't expect 13 pounds. He noticed that during the last month of her pregnancy that Christine didn't gain much more weight. Christine thought that they had taken a toddler from her instead of a new baby. One of the doctors in the delivery room even laughed after seeing the size of the little girl. As the baby was being delivered, Christine started to think that the process was going to keep going.

While the baby was being delivered, a silence fell over the room as everyone looked at her size in shock. Macrosomia is used to describe babies who are larger than 8 pounds. This only means that the baby is larger than normal size. There are sometimes several factors that contribute to the baby's weight being higher than average, such as gestational diabetes or the mother's weight before getting pregnant. When a baby is born several days after the due date, then it's expected that the baby will be larger than average as well.

Christine's baby was born via C-section. She was delivered almost a week before her due date, and she was still 13 pounds. Carleigh could have been larger than 13 pounds if Christine would have waited any longer to deliver her. Christine was anemic during her pregnancy, making it difficult at times to maintain her strength. The couple's kitchen also caught on fire during her pregnancy. Christine was burned on her legs and arms.

Larry commends his wife for everything that she dealt with while she was pregnant and for delivering a healthy baby girl. When Larry learned of his daughter's weight, he contacted several companies to see if they could help with diapers and other supplies because the items that they had purchased were too small. Christine believes that she is done having children for now. A few days after her birth, Carleigh was given the all-clear to go home with her parents so that she could be spoiled by her siblings and the rest of her family.

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