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Home-Schooling Mom Lets Her Kids Play Video Games All Day

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Lots of parents who home school their children worry if they're keeping up with other kids, but Katie Prybus from the UK doesn't.

The mother of three lets her children wake up whenever they feel like and play video games all day. There are no tests and no lessons, just PlayStation and Minecraft. And while she says two of her children probably can't recite the alphabet, she's not worried her kids are falling behind.

"They've learned lots about spelling and number manipulation through games," she told the Mirror. "My children will look back and realize they've had a lovely, free childhood."

Pybus has a daughter named Sapphire, aged 12, and two sons named Etienne and Orin, who are 10 and 7. They've been home schooled their entire lives, and while Pybus started off using books and toys to teach her children,  she decided to let them spend their day playing games six years ago after she bought a Nintendo Wii.

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