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Mom Makes Big Announcement, But Her Son Can't Believe She Did This To Him Again

She couldn't wait to tell her babies the good news, so she pressed record and broke it to her oldest baby, Tray.

Once he heard what his mom had to say, Tray couldn't believe what she had done. Wasn't it enough that she already had TWO babies? Why does she need another?

Clearly, Tray doesn't want to share his mother's love with another sibling. This is not logical for this little boy - why would a mom want another baby after she already has two!

His reaction is pretty hilarious, but we're sure that he's going to be a wonderful big brother to baby number 3!

Watch Tray's interview with Ellen, he's still pretty unimpressed with his mom's decision to have another baby, but he's resigned himself to the inevitable...

Isn't he adorable in his bow tie? This 'exasperated' big brother certainly is a charming boy!

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