Mom Says "Self-Pleasure" Is Her Key To Painless Childbirth

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Talk to any mom and she'll give you her tips for getting through childbirth as painlessly as possible.

Ice chips, drugs, singing, breathing, it's all been done.

But for Angela Gallo, she had one technique that involved a little more of a...personal touch.

Gallo shared her experience about how masturbation helped her through childbirth, and now she's encouraging other new moms to do the same.

Angela GalloHuffington Post

In an interview with Woman's Day, Angela explained her reasoning.

"I wanted my muscles to feel like I was working with them and not against them, so I tried to work with every ounce of energy, make every single contraction count," she said. "Touching myself took the edge off, helped me to focus, get clarity, and regain control over what I was feeling."

These are Angela's reasons, as posted on her blog, as to why women should pleasure themselves during child birth.

1. What gets the baby in, gets the baby out!

"Oxytocin, baby. With a side of endorphin and adrenaline. (In all the right amounts, too!) [...] Experiencing a "stalled" or lengthy labor? Need a natural pick-me-up? Touch yourself, mama! It gets the good stuff flowing."

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