Mom Searches For "The Babysitter" In this Hilarious "Bachelor" Parody

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Mom Searches For "The Babysitter" In this Hilarious "Bachelor" Parody

The Bachelor has been around for so long now, that everyone seems to think that it's the best way to find a perfect match. Nothing like a camera crew to help build a strong relationship!

Well, what if you used that tactic to make other important matches in your life? There is one thing that moms know, and that is a good babysitter is hard to find. One mom decided that if it works for the Bachelor, maybe it'll work for her too!

They have everything down to the the awkward meetings and the infamous "can I steal you away" tactic that so many contestants have used before.

Instead of looking for love, this mom is looking for someone to care for her two kids and it is pretty much the most relatable thing for a mom.

Hilarious moments like realizing that your perfect babysitter doesn't work weekends, or that they don't know to cut off the crusts, all moments a mom recognizes and knows all too well.

Lesson in mini van driving and learning how to change a diaper are just some of the silly moments you have to look forward to. Check out this hilarious preview at season 1 of The Babysitter and see who all the contestants vying for the sippy-cups are.

Share this with the moms in your life! I bet they wish they could go on a show like this to find a babysitter!