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Mom Suffers Stroke After Taking This Very Common Pill

When Nancy Trickett picked up her prescribed birth control pills from the pharmacy, she didn't think much of the warning written on the back of the package.

The 28-year-old mother of two had already been taking the contraceptive for about a year without any side effects, so when she suddenly developed a migraine, she didn't immediately associate it with the pills.

Natalie's migraine progressively got more severe and she began to lose feeling in the right side of her face.

One morning while getting ready for breakfast with her family, Natalie lost feeling in her lips, part of her eyesight and experienced hallucinations.

She was taken to the hospital for tests which revealed that she had suffered a stroke. “I was so shocked, I panicked and fainted and it was all a bit of a blur," Natalie told The Sun.

Specialists later confirmed that the stroke was most likely caused by the birth control pill she had been taking.

“I was taking the Microgynon contraceptive pill at the time and had been taking it for about a year. Strokes are a potential risk of the pill as they can lead to an increased risk of blood clots." Natalie explained.

Natalie had always been healthy, she competed in crossfit competitions and she didn't smoke or drink. So when she was taken aback when doctors told her she suffered a stroke.

“There was no other reason for me suffering a stroke at such a young age."

The young mom has made a good recovery, though parts of her vision has not been restored.

“I have blank spots in my vision and I can’t do things like play tennis any more because I can’t see the ball properly," she said.

Natalie is planning to go back to University in order to become a teaching assistant. Meanwhile, she is using her experience to warn other women of the potential dangers of the pill and ways to spot harmful side effects.

She said, “I don’t think there is enough awareness or information about the side effects of the pill and how it can cause a stroke and what a stroke can do to your life."

“People assume strokes only happen to older people over the age of 50 and I probably thought the same before it happened to me” she added.

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