Mom Took Her Autistic Son Out For Dinner And The Restaurant Showed Her The Power Of Humanity

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Mom Took Her Autistic Son Out For Dinner And The Restaurant Showed Her The Power Of Humanity

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Any parent of a child with autism knows that daily life can often be a struggle. Children on the autism spectrum have their good days and their bad ones, and sometimes it can really wear down on a parent. I am not saying that parents are mad about their situation, it just gets difficult trying to figure out the best course of action is when their child is having a rough day.

When you add a second ongoing medical condition to the mix it can make things infinitely more difficult, and that is the reality that Jen Goodland-Wyatt deals with on a daily basis. Her son Oscar is on the autism spectrum but he has also had constant heart issues since he was little, which has meant numerous trips to a cardiologist.

She recently took Oscar to a local TGI Fridays in Binley Woods, England, and that experience has left her feeling great, and has even made her son a bit of a social media star.


After a recent appointment with the cardiologist which resulted in Oscar being told he couldn't do karate anymore, Jen took him to TGI Fridays to eat. Jen told the restaurant staff that Oscar was upset and they let him choose the Star Wars-themed table. Oscar, who considered himself to be a Star Wars-superhero, was still visibly upset, that is until a waitress came up and handed him his menu.  "I understand you're a superhero "” here's your menu."

After their food arrived, another staff member showed up with a balloon that he had made for Oscar and told him that he could order any pudding dessert he wanted.

Jen asked the staff why they were being so kind (not that she was upset about it), and they responded perfectly, "Because he's a superhero!"

When their bill arrived it put a cap on a perfect dining experience. Oscar had no only gotten his dessert for free, but he had also earned himself a "superhero discount."

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"It just goes to show that anyone can be anything they want," said Oscar's mother Jen. Needless to say the family will likely be back for more meals in the future.

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