Mom-To-Be Upset After Being Told Her "Unique" Baby's Name Is Not Rare


Mom-To-Be Upset After Being Told Her "Unique" Baby's Name Is Not Rare


Expecting a baby can be both a joyous and stressful time for a parent.

In addition to all the check-ups and tests, moms and dads also have to purchase baby items, set up the nursery, and pick a name.

While some people have known for years what they would like to name their child, others make the decision during their pregnancy. Either way, it is an important decision that has been given a lot of thought, so parents-to-be can feel upset when someone criticizes their choice.

For one mom-to-be, she was convinced that she picked a unique enough name for her unborn daughter until a friend told her that "Aurora" isn't as rare as she thought, hurting her feelings in the process.

"My friend is expecting her first baby later this year. As I'm massively interested in baby names I asked her if she had anything in mind," the friend wrote on Mumsnet. "She said she wanted something unique and is planning on using Aurora."

She continued, "I said that Aurora is a gorgeous name, but has risen hugely in popularity over the last few years and is now in the top hundred."

After realizing that she may have touched on a sensitive subject, the woman decided to change the conversation. Still, she couldn't help but wonder if she was being "unreasonable" for being honest with her friend about her choice of baby name.

"I wouldn't have said anything bad about the name itself, but l didn't want her to regret her choice later, because she didn't know about the sudden spike in popularity," the friend wrote after asking those in the forum if she "said the wrong thing."

"Since she specifically said she'd chosen it because of its uniqueness, I don't think it was massively unreasonable of you to mention it," one user wrote in support of the friend.

"I actually think more people should be honest with friend's and family about baby names," read one comment. "Rather than smiling and nodding in agreement that 'D'artagnan-Odious Alfie Oliver Smith' sounds like a great name."

However, there were plenty of people who sided with the mom-to-be, insisting that Aurora isn't as popular as the friend says it is.

"It's still pretty uncommon even if in top 100," wrote one user. "Names are much more diverse these days and there is a much wider spread. You said the wrong thing and should probably apologize."

"Yes you upset her when talking baby names you smile nod and make reassuring noises no actual opinions," wrote another. "Btw wasn't Aurora sleeping beauty?"

"Unless someone is asking for point blank honest opinions than I think it's better if you keep your mouth zipped," quipped one user.

Whether the friend was wrong or not in pointing out the name's popularity is debatable, but when it comes down to the facts, she got it right. Aurora was the sixth most popular name for girls in 2018, according to Nameberry.

Do you think the friend should have kept her opinion to herself?

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