Breastfeeding Mom Shamed During Mass Will "Never Set Foot in that Church Again"

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Annie Peguero, an online trainer and fitness coach in Virginia, has vowed never to return to her church again after how they mistreated her.

Peguero was with her 19-month-old daughter, Autumn, when she started to get fussy towards the end of service. Pegeuro knew Autumn was getting hungry, so she started to breastfeed her.

“I took out my breast, put it right in her mouth, and RIGHT AWAY, I mean right away, a woman came over to me, and said ‘We have a really nice baby room, let’s go to the baby room.’ And I said ‘No, it’s okay, it’ll just be a minute.’ And she said ‘No, we’re going to the baby room now,’ ” Peguero said. “Then Autumn was done, and I said ‘No, I’m not going.’ ”

Apparently, this particular church has a policy which 'trains' the congregation to stop any woman who is breastfeeding in the sanctuary without a cover.

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“She told me that the reason she did that is because there’s live video, and they’re streaming the service online,” Peguero says. “And I was like, ‘I don’t care, I don’t care if somebody sees me online breastfeeding.’ And then she said, ‘Another thing, what if a new churchgoer who is a man sees you and he feels uncomfortable?’ She kept saying that over and over again, and my mind was blown.”

While the church may have their own policy, the law says something different.

"Va. Code § 2.2-1147.1 (2002, 2015) guarantees a woman the right to breastfeed her child on in any place where the mother is lawfully present, including any location where she would otherwise be allowed on property that is owned, leased or controlled by the state. The bill also stipulates that childbirth and related medical conditions specified in the Virginia Human Rights Act include activities of lactation, including breastfeeding and expression of milk by a mother for her child. (HB 1264, HB 1499)"

“The fact that his church has told me that it’s their policy to not allow women to breastfeed in the sanctuary floors me, that we still have places that are thinking that way and teaching that way, and are teaching their workers to intercept women who are breastfeeding,” she says in her video. “I so love going to church there, but I’ll never set foot in that church again, and it makes me really sad.”

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