Mom's Hilarious Bathroom Rules Are Going Viral


Mom's Hilarious Bathroom Rules Are Going Viral

Attention all moms: you need a note like this.

One anonymous mom posted her clever "bathroom rules" that she made for her kids, and it's going viral.

Any mom will tell you that bathroom time is sacred time...and by sacred I mean you're lucky if you have 5 seconds to pee before some combination of your children and pets barge through the door.

This mom was getting fed-up with her inability to primp in peace, so she decided to make it very clear to her kids what the protocol is if she's in the bathroom.

From the looks of it, her kids must be older. But this is definitely something I would implement at a young age!

😂 via Mommas helping Mommas

Posted by Practical Parenting on Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pretty genius, right? Although I think there should be a #5: "Your dad is also home, go ask him!"

People are loving this mom's idea and have given her nothing but praise!

Are you going to post one of these on YOUR bathroom door? Let us know!

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