Mom's Hilarious Reward Chart On How She Treats Herself Goes Viral


Mom's Hilarious Reward Chart Goes Viral And Now People Want To Try It Themselves

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Candy season isn't over yet!

There's still a lot of Halloween treats lying around the house, and while it's tempting to eat all of it, parents are finding creative ways to limit their sugar intake.

Some people will count every calorie, but others are finding hilarious ways to treat themselves.

Maralee Bradley, from Nebraska, designed a reward chart not for her kids, but herself, and parents are loving the idea.

"They Did ... You Did ... You Can Eat."

I think we can all agree that motherhood is not easy, and we all deserve a reward.

Yes, I know, raising a wonderful child is a reward, but mothers deserve so much more, such as satisfying their guilty pleasures.

For Maralee, her pleasure is rewarding herself with a piece of chocolate or candy every now and then.

"Motherhood is hard enough without candy guilt. So I whipped up this little chart to put a bit of a different spin on it," she wrote on her Facebook post.

"Motherhood is hard, candy is delicious and maybe it's okay to sometimes give ourselves a little reward for being awesome moms. No amount of candy can "burn off" the stress and frustration of your average day of motherhood, but I'm not going to say it doesn't help."

Around Halloween I kept seeing this picture go around that listed different candies, their calorie count and what kind...

Posted by A Musing Maralee on Monday, November 5, 2018

Parents on social media are loving this hilarious reward chart!

"This is AWESOME. I'm all for it."

"You are one amazing woman! This is too funny! I probably wouldn't have gotten a single piece of candy when mine were at home!"

Some even shared their own nightmare stories, and we can all agree that these mothers really deserve a treat.

"I need a Twix for that lunch box my son found at school from 3 or 4 weeks ago WITH food in it!"

"After being woken at 12am and then again at 2.30am last night, I may need this rewards chart - could be dangerous though."

"That Milky way is way too tiny for meeting a need at 2:37 am."

People who work with kids also love this idea.

"I deserve all the candy for doing this at work everyday!"

The mother added that this reward chart is by no means to be taken seriously.

"This is entirely tongue-in-cheek, so I hope you enjoy it in the spirit it was intended."

But I must say, it is a great idea!

[H/T: NZ Herald]

What do you think about Maralee's reward chart? Would you try it?

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