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Months After Pleading For Help At Disney World, He Finally Received The Kidney He Needed

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Back in August of 2017, we reported on one of the unlikeliest of medical stories. A man, 60-year-old Robert Leibowitz, was spotted with his five children at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, specifically because of the strange shirt that he was wearing.

Roco Sandoval

As he pushed one of his children along in a wheelchair, several people noticed the back of Leibowitz's shirt, which featured a simple but powerful message:

"In Need Of Kidney O Positive," and listed a phone number.

Robert Leibowitz

Leibowitz was suffering from kidney failure and was having no luck finding a donor, which led to his daughter coming up with the plan to try advertising this on the shirt. "It is very hard to get a kidney and there are not a lot of donors out there," Leibowitz explained, "or with O positive (blood type). I am universal, but I have to get an O back."

It was soon spotted by Rocio and Juan Sandoval, a couple who were vacationing at the park, and the two not only listened to Leibowitz's story, but offered to share his message across social media for him.

Robert Leibowitz

While Leibowitz simply hoped that the message might reach a few hundred more people, it soon went massively viral on the internet and exploded, leading to him apparently receiving dozens of calls from potential donors who thought they might be able to help.

After a bonafide viral sensation and months of screenings, Leibowitz found his donor, and just last week, he finally received his kidney.

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