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Mother Disgusted When She Sees Her Son 'Branded' For Not Having Enough Money

Tara Chavez noticed something unusual on her son's arm one day when he came home from his Phoenix, Arizona elementary school and when she realized what it was she was not happy.

She told her friend about it and he shared it on his twitter, and people were not happy about it.

Twitter @juanyfbaby

He couldn't believe that a school would use this method to inform parents that the balance was low. He points out that it looks like shaming, and that it looks almost like they are branding them.

He asks what the school does if the family can't afford to add money to the account, do they keep stamping the arm?

Twitter @juanyfbaby

People commenting on the post agree that it is a particularly terrible way to communicate with the parents. It makes the kid's feel bad about something they have no control over. Some even shared stories of how their schools used to do the same thing, but with one important difference.

By using a fun and colorful stamp, the shame is avoided. Parents would just need to be informed what the stamps mean and then the kids don't have to feel bad about themselves.

The stamps that this school is currently using are just a very plain black text that doesn't make anyone feel good.

Twitter @juanyfbaby

This seems unfair to the kids and Chavez and her friend are hoping the school will hear their concerns and change the policy as soon as possible.