Mother Duck Loses Ducklings, Calls Cops For Help

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Mother Duck Loses Ducklings, Calls Cops For Help

What do you do when you or someone in your family has an emergency? You call the appropriate authorities - the police, paramedics, etc. Turns out humans aren't the only one's who can use help from first responders.

A mother duck was forced to call for help when her ducklings got caught in a sewer. The poor mom couldn't get the babies out by herself so instead of waiting for aide to come to her, she went looking for it. She kept quacking for attention until some police officers noticed and came to her rescue. Aww!

"We're gonna save your babies," one of the police officers told the distressed duck. They then proceeded to pull the ducklings out from underneath and get them into the river.

See how it all went down in the video below and prepare for your heart to melt:

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