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Good Samaritan Rescues Wild Horse Caught In The Train Tracks [Video]

We can't communicate with other creatures, but some moments make us wonder if there isn't a deep connection between humans and wild animals.

This video from Brazil will definitely convince you that we can understand each other. A man was walking down the road, minding his own business when he stumbled onto a young horse in a terrible situation.

It's great that this good Samaritan was willing to help the young horse get out of trouble, but what's truly amazing is the mother horse's reaction.

It's as if she knows that this man only wants to help her child. Most animals are so protective of their young - especially when they're in danger - but this wild animal was perfectly calm as he approached her to save her baby.

It's a good thing she was so relaxed, because if she was more agitated her foal might never have been rescued.

This man just knew he had to do the right thing and this horse knew it should let him, how incredible!

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