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Mother-Of-The-Bride's Letter To Disabled Maid-of-Honor Will Infuriate You

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The Sun

While a wedding is a happy occasion that tends to bring family and friends together in celebration, there have been instances where it tore people apart.

In the case of one anonymous bride and her mother, they are no longer on speaking terms after her mom asked that she remove her maid of honor from the wedding party for an awful reason.

In a letter addressed to Slate's weekly advice column Dear Prudence, the mother-of-the-bride wrote about why she doesn't want her daughter's best friend and maid of honor, Katie, to walk down the aisle at the nuptials, and her explanation is deeply offensive.

She begins the note with a short backstory about how long they have known Katie and that she is "like a daughter to me."

"My 27-year-old daughter and her best friend, Katie, have been best friends since they were 4. Katie practically grew up in our house and is like a daughter to me. My daughter recently got engaged to her fiancé and announced that Katie would be the maid of honor (Katie’s boyfriend is also a good friend of my future son-in-law)," reads the letter.

However, it is what followed after the introduction that has people feeling infuriated.

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