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Down Syndrome Kids Shine In Newest Carpool Karaoke - And It Will Warm Your Heart

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When I volunteered to help children with disabilities at a local gym, I was hesitant about how I'd be affected by that experience.

My aunt, a special needs teacher, gave me advice that I'll never forget: "Just be yourself. Be sensitive, but be yourself."

When I arrived at the gym, I was surrounded by ten of the most positive and uplifting individuals I've ever met.

We warmed-up, ran a few laps, played indoor soccer and freeze tag. When we were leaving the gym, one girl with Down syndrome was singing a popular tune on the radio, and everyone else chimed in.

It didn't matter that they didn't know all the words, we sang at the top of our lungs and had a blast.

The point of this story is that people with genetic disabilities are often seen in a different light, when they shouldn't be.

Take for instance what happened just a few days ago: a Boy Scout was demoted because he has Down syndrome. The 15-year-old was just one step away from getting the highest rank in the youth organization.

"Now he doesn't even want to touch his scout uniform or go near it," his father told reporters. How awful is that?

In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day, 50 mothers are raising awareness about the genetic condition. Their YouTube video has gone viral, receiving more than 2.5 million views and 40,000 likes.

These 50 kids will just warm your heart...

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