Move Over Blankets Everywhere There's A New Blanket In Town And It's Shaped Like A Tortilla


We love to eat them, we love to wrap ourselves up like one, and now we can buy a blanket that looks exactly like our favorite Mexican snack. Welcome to the future where not only can we eat tortillas but we can now buy a blanket that looks exactly like one.  Reddit user u/Kotaay found a blanket that looks exactly like a tortilla. It is even shaped like one. I'm so excited!  

The excitement started when u/Kotaay posted a series of pictures that outlined just how perfect this blanket is for burrito lovers such as myself. These photos then caused Reddit users everywhere to go crazy for this blanket. I mean can you blame them? I'm practically  going crazy just writing about it.

After these photos were posted users then began to search for a website that carried this product. However, after many threads it became apparent that it was sold out on both Amazon and Ebay.

Before you start thinking you missed your opportunity to be a human sized burrito,  I was able to track down a similar version on Etsy. So there is still time to get in on this trend.

The Etsy version of this blanket is 60 inches in length and 60 inches in width. It is also made with cotton, microfiber, and polyester. The most exciting part is you can also order a kids size one.

Yes you read this correctly you can wrap up your little baby into a little baby burrito. How adorable! If you have special baby in mind, the kids' version is 36 inches in length and 36 inches in width. It is also made with cotton, microfiber, and polyester.

These blankets are a perfect accessory for movie nights, play dates, or even a good ol' taco Tuesday. They are long enough so you'll never be cold and wide enough to support all your burrito needs.

Now all this burrito talk is making me hungry. I am going to go make myself a burrito while ordering myself a burrito blanket for all the fun I'll be having this summer.

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