Supermodel Naomi Campbell Shares Rare Photo Of Her Natural Hair

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell Shares Rare Photo Of Her Natural Hair

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When you think of the things that make Naomi Campbell the supermodel that she is, her hair plays an important role.

The British model has worn her long, dark and sleek locks for decades, occasionally adding bangs to switch things up. However, we've become so accustomed to this hairstyle that it is hard to imagine her with a different 'do.  

While her biggest fans are aware of it, there are many people who may have never realized that Campbell's hair is not exactly hers.

The Valentino muse has made it no secret that she relies heavily on wigs and extensions to get her signature middle-parted hairstyle, but now, she's ready to show us what's been hiding underneath.

Campbell recently shared a photo of herself while vacationing in Kenya, rocking only her natural hair. The 48-year-old drastically switched things up by wearing her hair in straight-back cornrows and it sent the internet into a frenzy.

"Bare it all," she wrote in the caption on Instagram and Twitter.

Campbell's new natural look has been well received by people on the internet with many calling her "naturally beautiful."

This wouldn't be the first time that the model's hair is a main topic of conversation. A few years ago, she was photographed wearing a wig with bald patched in the front of her hairline and the photos spread like wildfire.

In 2017, she told the Evening Standard that all those years of constantly wearing extensions has resulted in some hair loss. She added that she has started taking better care of her tresses.

"I do take more care of my hair now, because I lost all of it with extensions," she said. "I am more careful and I do different things."

Still, Campbell says if a job calls for her long, straight hair, she wouldn't think twice about putting on a wig.

"Everybody in the world wears wigs," she said. "It doesn't matter anymore. I do what I want, or whatever the job calls for."

What do you think of Campbell's natural look?

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