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Tiny Kitten Found Abandoned In A Discarded Napkin, But His Rescuers Helped Him Grow Up To Be Strong

When a Louisiana family opened their front door, they were surprised to find a napkin with a little creature inside on their porch.

"He was so tiny he fit in our hand with room to spare," wrote Reddit user, ArchChronicles.

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"Somebody left him wrapped in a napkin… Both of his eyes had cysts in them, he was caked in scabs, and he was so malnourished he couldn't walk," they said.

The family immediately brought him inside, gave him some food and a much-needed bath.

"We cleaned him up and picked off what felt like hundreds of fleas before we wrapped him up in a warm blanket and let him sleep."

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The poor kitten was emaciated and exhausted. The family kept feeding him every few hours to make sure he survived the night.

"He ate an entire can of kitten food in a matter of minutes, though lots of it was smeared on his face from excitement," ArchChronicles told Love Meow.

Over the next few days, the kitten started to put on weight and his eyes cleared up.

"In a matter of weeks he was all healed up, seeing clearly and running around like he should be."

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When the family met little Soul Patch, he was in rough shape. Now he is doing great!

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While they may never know what happened to the kitten before it was left on their doorstep, they can be sure that he will never have to experience that kind of trauma again.

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Soul Patch has found his forever home, complete with a feline friend to cuddle with.

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