NASA Announces Discovery Of 7 Other 'Earths'

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NASA Announces Discovery Of 7 Other 'Earths'

For hundreds of years, we have long debated the possibility of life on other planets.

For the first time ever, NASA has made a major, breakthrough discovery that could bring us one step closer to encountering alien life.

Seven Earth-sized planets have been discovered orbiting a nearby star and a Belgian-led research team believes that one of them could hold life.

According to NASA, the planets are as close as four light-years away and one of them could possibly host life!

They were spotted circling a closely around a small star called TRAPPIST-1. Six  of the planets might have the right temperature for liquid water, which means at least one of them might be life-sustaining.

An artist's rendering of what it might look like from the surface of one Earth-like planet: TRAPPIST-1fPhoto: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Although it will still take some time to confirm the components of each planet's atmosphere, the possibility of seven other Earths has got everyone talking:

"It's remarkable that you could see another world right there," Amaury Triaud, an exoplanet fellow at the Kavli Institute at the University of Cambridge and a study author, tells The Verge.

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