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NBA Player Comes Up Big For Puerto Rico, Gets His Just Reward

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When Hurricane Maria ripped its way through the Caribbean islands, she had Puerto Rico squared up in her sights. Maria didn't miss, leveling the island and leaving Puerto Ricans in a state of constant emergency.

Clean water and electricity were pretty much non-existent, people were hungry and in desperate need of medical attention. There was little hope of help coming from the government, so they were forced to rely on the generosity of others.

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That's when JJ Barea stepped in to help. Barea is a point guard for the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, and also one of the few NBA players of Puerto Rican descent. He knew that he had to help his homeland, and borrowing a page out of JJ Watts' playbook, he donated a chunk of his own money, over $500,000, and started an online fundraiser that raised another $250,000.

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