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6 Rules Everyone Has To Follow When Meeting The Queen

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It's not like the Queen of England spends her time criss-crossing America to say "hello" to everyone, but we wouldn't want to be unprepared if we ever cross paths.

Of course, after holding her title for more than 60 years, the queen has her routine for making a polite introduction down to a science. But you should also know how to impress the royal family by following their famously stiff rules.

Even stars have to mind their Ps and Qs around the queen.Splash News

Everything from the way they sit, to the words they use, the food they eat, and the way they dress has been decided ahead of time to keep the royal family from embarrassing themselves in public.

If you find yourself in a room with the queen, it's important to play by her rules. And that includes never calling her "the queen."

1. It's "your majesty," thank you.

While Queen Elizabeth is part of her full royal title, it's considered rude to use her full name. Instead, greet her as "your majesty," then switch to the less formal "ma'am," which is considered perfectly polite.

Above all, avoid saying any royal nicknames out loud.

2. Let her make the first move.

If the queen wants to shake your hand, she'll offer hers. Let the queen initiate any contact, or else you could get in trouble with her security guards.

Even Canada's Governor General found himself in trouble after politely offering the queen his hand on a staircase.

But those aren't the only rules to keep in mind.

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