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New Parents Get A Special Surprise 137 Years In The Making

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It's always an exciting time for a couple to find out that they're expecting a baby, but for Kelen and Will Settle, the arrival of their bundle of joy was a record-breaking moment.

The couple from South Carolina welcomed their "perfect" second child, Carter Louise Settle on June 25, 2017 and she's been getting the attention of the entire country including hundreds of some big media networks.

So what makes little miss Carter so special?

Kelen and CarterPeople

Her birth has been over 100 years in the making - 137 to be exact!

No, neither Kelen nor Will have been around that long, that's just the number of years it took for a baby girl to be born into the Settle family.

“Everybody was a little bit stunned at first!” proud mom Kelen told People.com.

The new parents threw a party back in December to reveal the gender of the baby to family and friends. Everyone expected another boy, but to their utter surprise it turned out to be a boy.

“Everybody started freaking out, especially Will’s parents.”

Will and Kelen at the gender reveal partyPeople.com

The couple knew that there hadn't been a girl born into the family for a while, but they didn't realize just how long it had been until Will's dad did some research following the gender reveal party.

“My father actually did some homework when we found out it was a girl,” Will told WSAV. “He started to think back, ‘You know my father didn’t have any sisters, my grandfather may of had some sisters…’ and started to kind of move further back and found out there hasn’t been one in that long.”

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