New Pet Food Bank Helps People Keep Their Pets

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New Pet Food Bank Helps People Keep Their Pets

When a family falls on hard times they have places to go to for help. Family, food banks, the community or even the government. But there's one family member who can't get that kind of help: your pet. A new food bank in Alberta, Canada is going to change that.

Alberta Lost Pet Locators Rescue started a pet food bank, one of the first of its kind, to help pet owners who fall on hard times. They say it will help keep loving families together when they struggle financially.

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"Our goal is to make sure they can still feed their pets," said coordinator Jennifer Edmonds. She estimates that they're helping as many as 30 pets a week stay fed.

"We're looking at 30 pets a week that don't have to go into the shelters and don'y have to go to rescues."

Thousands of pets are given up because families can no longer afford to feed them, but more food banks like this, run by volunteers and stocked through donations, could help keep some of those families together.

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One such family was Dawn Boyd and her pitbull Talia. Talia survived Hurricane Katrina, but ended up being abused by her owner. Boyd rescued her but later fell on hard times. The food bank helped her get through it all, and Boyd and Talia couldn't be happier.

The food bank is open to everyone, not just owners of dogs and cats.

"We've been doing some bunnies and guinea pigs. I had one request for a snake," Edmonds said.

Despite it all she says that some people in need are still hesitant to ask for help.

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