New York Is Hosting A Convention For Cat Lovers

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New York Is Hosting A Convention For Cat Lovers

Cat owners have a reputation as being very solitary, like the animals they love, but thousands of them are set to mix and mingle in the Big Apple, which is hosting "Cat Camp" later this month.

Cat Camp is being advertised as "the city's first feline-focused conference and adoption extravaganza," and organizers say people are planning to travel from across the country to be there.

The two-day show will feature panel discussions, shopping, information booths and adoption events (including ones for senior cats and cats with special needs). Just like ComiCon, there are even celebrity guests lined up.

"Cat behavior consultant" Jason Galaxy and internet sensation Lil Bub are some of the big names headlining Cat Camp, and attendees will have to pay extra to meet them. Tickets for the event start at just $10, but weekend-long all access passes cost as much as $150. Those also don't include a photo session with Lil Bub, which is extra.

This isn't the world's first cat-based convention, but it is a first for New York. In LA a similar event called CatCon has become an annual event, with more than 25,000 people attending last year's event.

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Before you rush to buy your ticket, you should know that one surprising thing isn't allowed at Cat Camp: cats!

According to the event's website "you may bring all your cat related gear and dress up like an cat," but "anyone who shows up with a cat will be turned away at the door and not given a refund for their ticket."

Cat Camp is March 11th-12th at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York. You can learn more about the event on their website.

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