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Newfoundland Woman Captures Perfectly Timed Picture Of 'Praying' Polar Bear

It couldn't have been more perfectly staged. When Jessica Power spotted a curious polar bear roaming the island she grabbed her camera.

As she watched through her window, she snapped away at the shutter. She captured about 200 photos of the large white bear as he climbed up a hill that rose above the barren island.

What happened next was a truly stunning moment that left Power "beyond amazed." The polar bear walked up to the huge white cross perched on top of the hill. He stood up and laid a massive paw against the cross, the squatted down and looked up in "apparent reverence as if in prayer."

Power tells the Canadian Press that she didn't actually notice what she had captured until she scanned through the photos later, exclaiming, "Holy crap, he's praying!"

Police have issued a warning to people in the area to stay away from the bear - even if he appears pretty pious.

What do you think? Is it a message from above, or just a curious bear and perfect timing?

Source: Canadian Press