Nicole Kidman Finally Explains Why She Kissed Her Co-Star At The Emmy's"

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Nicole Kidman Finally Explains Why She Kissed Her Co-Star At The Emmy's"

She turned heads everywhere last month at the Emmy's when it was cause for celebration, and there has been a buzz ever since.

It was one of those uncomfortable moments that Nicole Kidman will definitely be remembered for in 2017.

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At the Emmy's in September, she dropped some jaws when she warmly embraced her Big Littles co-star Alexander Skarsgard and kissed him full out on the mouth while her husband, Keith Urban watched.

On the show, Skarsgard played Kidman's physically and emotional abusive husband and the actors shared several violent and sexually explicit scenes together, so it's no surprise that they have gotten close.

Big Little Lies went on to win a total of eight Emmy Awards that night, but that didn't stop people from wondering what provoked the close affection between the two actors.

The Oscar-winning actress has finally put to bed any rumors about why she was locking lips with her co-star during the awards ceremony.

Kidman, who just turned 50, appeared on the Graham Notron show, along with Matt Lucas, Colin Farrell and Bryan Cranston.

"Oh gosh. You are so provocative Graham. Why are you showing that?" Nicole exclaimed when an image of her and Skarsgard appeared on screen.

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"I kissed my husband too!" Kidman defended.

Breaking Bad's Brian Cranston joked along, indicating that Urban seemed to be applauding the kiss as well.

"I did kiss [Urban]. But you've got to understand I did everything with Alex [Skarsgard]," she revealed. It's no surprise that the two actors are close, considering the graphic sex scenes they had on Big Little Lies.

"I've got an amazing, supportive, gorgeous husband who I love more than anything in the world and I gave Alex a congratulatory kiss and he's like a mannequin," she added.

As everyone tried to laugh, Kidman started to backpedal again, implying her co-star kisses like a mannequin.

"I mean not a mannequin! I'm done," she laughed.

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