90-Year-Old Figure Skater Proves She's Still Got It [Video]

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90-Year-Old Figure Skater Proves She's Still Got It [Video]

You've probably never heard of Yvonne Dowlen, and she may not look like a world class athlete, but looks can be deceiving.

Growing up in Colorado, Dowlen learned to skate from a young age and it quickly became her passion. She toured internationally as a member of the famous Ice Capades, and coached young skaters for decades.

Even into her 80s, she was still practicing her skills at her local rink. She suffered a stroke, and after being hit by a van doctors told her she would never skate again, but nothing could stop this skater from doing what she loved.


Sadly, Dowlen died just days after a local filmmaker finished making a documentary about Dowlen's life. According to the director, Dowlen told her she wanted to "go out in my sleep or in my skates," and she got her wish when she died painlessly in bed.

But people will never forget her incredible talent, which proved that age really is just a number!

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