"No Touching" Signs For Newborns Sparks Debate


New "No Touching" Baby Signs Are Causing Controversy


It's hard to find a group of parents that agree on the right way to raise a child.

Everyone believes their way is what will make their child the most healthy and successful, which is why latest parenting trends always spark the biggest debates.

That being said, one thing we can agree on is that babies and toddlers get sick often.

The reason why is because it takes time for their immunity to develop, making them more susceptible to catching germs.

While some parents are all for their children being exposed to germs and building up their immunity, other parents are worried that the cons outweigh the pros.

"No Touching!"

no touching sign
They're calling it a "great baby shower gift." Etsy

Flu season is on its way, and concerned parents will do whatever it takes to keep their children safe and healthy.

This is what has inspired "No Touching" signs that easily attach onto car seats, letting people know that their germy hands are not welcome.

The placards come in different colors and messages, but the intention is quite clear: Ask for permission before you go in for that hug or kiss.

no touching sign
These tags cost approximately $7. Etsy

This latest parenting trend has gone viral, days after a mom issued a warning after a kiss on her baby's head left him fighting for his life.

Rhian Brace from England noticed strange red bumps on her son's head only two weeks after he was born.

Doctors told Rhian that her little boy, Ernie, had eczema, but his symptoms worsened.

"Three days later another four [blisters] had appeared and then over night another six had made an appearance, all looking like infected blisters," she shared on Facebook.

Rhian Brace's son, Ernie. Rhian Brace - Facebook

Knowing in her heart that something was amiss, she rushed her boy to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with the common cold sore.

The thing is, the Herpes simplex virus can be deadly in babies.

How her newborn got this virus? From a stranger's kiss.

You can't blame parents who buy these signs worried that their babies will be put at harm's way, but still, everyone has a strong opinion about these blunt messages.

Thoughts? Would you put this on your baby's car seat?

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Sunday, April 22, 2018

On the popular motherhood page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, parents gave their two cents about the new "No Touching" signs.

"This world is turning into a bunch of weak fruit loops..... Children need germs, their bodies need to learn to fight off sickness. Besides breastfeeding gives babies so many antibodies to help them fight everything off. The only time you should isolate your baby from the world is if they have some sort of disease or health problem that prevents them from regularly fighting disease off."

"Good Lawd how did we all survive ... we were touched, handed to strangers in the grocery while Mom dug thr[ough] her purse cause we had no baby carrier, no car seats, we sat in carts or someone stepped up to help a mom with two or more littles. As far as the park, we ate rocks, bugs, dirt and who knows what else we ate..... I'm not saying I'd go back but we did survive the 'stranger who admired us with a simple touch.'"

Not everyone agreed with this point of view, though.

"I mean I don't really think there is two sides to this though. The general rule UNSPOKEN or not should be not to touch a baby or PERSON that is not yours unless you have permission. I don't think it's ever okay to touch someone else's baby. You not minding people touching your baby would still fall under you giving permission... I'm not seeing two sides to this one sorry."

"My son was born with major heart defects and undergone surgeries. So he has a compromised immune system. Pretty sad you even have to post a sign these days cause people just don't have common sense!"

Of course, babies deserve their personal space just as much as we do.

And because they can't explicitly communicate how they feel, it's important to ask their parent's permission before reaching for a hug or going for a kiss.

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Would you buy this car seat accessory? Let us know what you think about these signs!

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