Nobody Expected A 90-Year-Old To Do This At The Gym


Nobody Expected A 90-Year-Old To Do This At The Gym

Be totally honest with yourself right now. If somebody pulled out a camera and told you to do 24 pull-ups while they filmed you, do you think you could do it?

I know that I can't, which is what makes this video of a man only identified as Vern busting them out without breaking a sweat so impressive. Vern's son shared the video on his YouTube account, saying that the senior did it to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Most people would have just enjoyed a slice of cake instead, but if I was in Vern's shape at his age I'd probably want to show off too.

In case you're still not blown away by this video, Vern's son wrote that "he does pretty good considering he broke both elbows as a kid."

Now that's just bragging! Still, happy birthday to Vern and we wish him many more! Maybe next year he can make it to 25...

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