Woman Claims Nose Job Can Cure Her Panic Attacks

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Woman Claims Nose Job Can Cure Her Panic Attacks


For some people, making the choice to go under the knife is a huge decision.

Whether it be for health reasons or to boost your confidence, getting plastic surgery done comes with several risks, including getting a botched job.  

One of these people who've lived to tell the tale of an operation gone wrong is Nesreen Rashied, who shared her story on Botched.

As a child, Rashied, 35, was involved in an accident that would eventually lead to more than just temporary head pain.

"When we were younger my sister blindfolded my head, and she grabbed the other end and just took off running, and just thwacked me into a wood beam pole," the makeup artist shared.

But, years later Rashied began experiencing panic attacks, and found out her injury to her nose was to blame.

"Out of nowhere, I started to get massive panic attacks. Everybody said we don't know what's wrong with you, so then one day I went to go see a physician, and he says, "˜your septum is leaning in on your airway. This could be a big factor for your anxiety,'" she continued.

Dr. Terry Dubrow confirmed what Rashied's previous doctor told her, and said, "Breathing is one of the basic, physiologic functions, and if you have an inability to breathe properly, that can easily give you a panic attack."

Rashied said when she went to the ear, nose and throat specialist, the doctor only made matters worse by his apathy.

"He was like, "˜I'm going to get you all fixed up. I'm going to give you a really cute, perfect, straight nose.' So he signed me up for the following Thursday, and when I walked in he never came to check on me," Rashied explained.

"I asked the nurse if he was going to come in, and she said "˜No, he's been doing this for so long that we don't need to come in here.' And she said, "˜If you're nervous, go ahead and take your own medication, we'll be back in a few minutes,'" she added.

She said the specialist who performed the surgery did a terrible job, and made her nose looks "like the shape of California." To make matters worse, her septum still wasn't fixed.

Hopefully Dr. Paul Nassif and Dubrow will finally be able to fix her nose!

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