A Russian Family Gave This Dog Plastic Surgery To Look Like Milo From "The Mask"

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A Russian Family Gave This Dog Plastic Surgery To Look Like Milo From "The Mask"

A Russian family has upset dog owners around the world after giving this Jack Russell Terrier plastic surgery.

The Esmat family from Moscow bought their dog, named Glasha, after their young son watched the Jim Carrey movie The Mask. The family wanted a dog that looked just like Milo, the Jack Russell from the movie.

But as Glasha got older they noticed something was unusual about her. Glasha's ears stood straight up instead of flopping down like Milo's. To make their pooch an exact match for the famous dog, the Esmats went to some surprising lengths.

It's perfectly normal for a Jack Russell's ears to stand up, and it simply has to do with their parents and their ears. But the Esmats wouldn't settle for anything less than an exact match. Plus, the family said they wanted to breed Glasha and put him in shows, and they said they couldn't unless his ears were perfect.

First, they tried taping the dog's ears down, which is a common "home remedy" for the condition. When that didn't work, they decided to try cosmetic surgery.

Andrey Mezin, the doctor who performed the surgery, said he "didn't believe it is an appropriate operation," but went ahead with it anyways because the family requested it.

He says that "the dog is absolutely fine," but people are outraged that anyone would put their pet through this surgery.

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