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Not-So-Sneaky Squirrel Gets Caught Stealing Toilet Paper And Has Everyone In Stitches

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We've all been there, you walk into a bathroom stall only to find that you're out of toilet paper. A few campers caught one of the tissue thieves on camera this weekend, and it's not what you'd expect.

Christa Lawrence and her family were camping in their lot at the Upper Shunda Creek Campground in Nordegg when they started laughing uncontrollably as they got the camera rolling.

"My dad saw him first and started laughing, completely uncontrollably. And I just looked over and there he was, pulling the roll out from under the door — pulling and pulling and pulling," Christa said.

After returning back to their campsite after a day of fishing and adventuring, they did not expect to see what they found.

They spotted a little squirrel quickly gathering toilet paper from a long stand that was leading out the men's outhouse.

“This went on for hours!” Christa said. “He had no fear of us. It clearly wasn’t his first time doing this.”

In this hilarious video, you will be surprise how creative this creature gets at gathering his special find!

She said that the outhouse outlaw returned to the bathroom about 10 times throughout the night, gathering up more bundles of tissue before disappearing into the woods.

“And who knows how many before we pulled in? We don’t know," she said

The next morning, they were surprised to find that this crafty creature had managed to pull out the door of the women's washroom after exhausting the mens' roll.

“We figure he must have the nicest nest in the whole forest,” she said.

The family watched this sneaky squirrel steal toilet paper all evening, making them laugh until they cried.

"We're figuring that he's nesting, getting ready for winter," she said. "Clearly he'd done this before."

Source: Global News / CBC