How Many Faces Can You See In This Tree?

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The Number Of Faces You Can See In This Tree Says A Lot About Your Brain

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Are you ready to test your cognitive skills with another brainteaser?

These puzzles are known to boost brain activity, increase memory power, and improve concentration, so what's there to lose!

If you ever have trouble answering a brain teaser, it just means that you need to give your brain a workout more often.

In this brainteaser, you're tasked to find all the hidden faces in the "National Leaders Tree" below.

No one knows exactly when this optical illusion first appeared, but it makes the rounds on the internet every now and then.

Almost everybody can see the two large illustrations at the bottom, but some people have a hard time spotting the other hidden faces.

The number of faces you see says something important about your memory. First count all the faces, and then scroll down to find out what it says about your brain.

Did you see 2 to 4 faces?

The first two illustrations are quite obvious, but if you can only spot one or two more of the hidden faces, it could mean that you suffer from a memory disorder.

Did you spot 5 to 6 faces?

If you only spot a handful faces, you may be at risk of Alzheimer's or dementia.

Did you find 7 to 8 faces?

Your memory is good, but not great! Keep working at these puzzles to strengthen your cognitive skills.

Or were you able to count more than 9 faces?

If you were able to see almost all the faces, you have excellent memory and facial recognition skills.

Here's where the faces are hiding:

If you found that to be easy-peasy, challenge yourself and try to name all the famous faces.

People have said they spotted Gandhi and Iran's Reza Shah in the image above.

The woman at the bottom right could possibly be Margaret Thatcher.

Other say they see Teddy Roosevelt, Mikhail Gorbachev, Stalin, and Nehru as one of the many faces.

Let us know how many faces you see and how many famous figures you can name!

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