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Nutella Changed Its Recipe and It Did Nut-Ella-Us!

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The hazelnut chocolate spread took the world by storm in the 21st century and made their delicious tub of chocolate an international phenomenon.

When a consumer group found out about Nutella's secret recipe change, they revealed it on their Facebook page--and the world went nuts.  

The first Nutella spread was sold in 1964. Now many local businesses and major dessert chains around the world use Nutella as one of their main ingredients.

Have you noticed the chocolate spread is lighter than usual? Or maybe tastes a little different? Here's why...

The consumer group said Nutella has more sugar in it than before. The sugar content was at 55.9%, but now it contains 56.3%. It now also contains 8.7% powdered skimmed milk, compared to 7.5% from before.

“As the color of the new Nutella is lighter, we are working on the assumption that skimmed milk powder was added at the expense of cacao," the Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre reported.

The Italian company that makes Nutella, Ferrero, confirmed the changes, but assured customers that they would notice no difference to the overall quality of the product.  

“The quality, the sourcing and all other aspects of Nutella ingredients remain the same,” Ferrero said. "The ingredients list is, as usual, displayed on the jar and on the Nutella webpage. All relevant aspects, from a diet perspective, are the same.”

Nutella lovers took to Twitter to criticize the recipe changes, using the hashtag #boycottNutella.

Earlier this year, a "deconstructed" image of all of Nutella's ingredients stacked on top of each other circulated around the internet.

Two years ago, Nutella got into hot water for the use of palm oil in their chocolate spread. The French ecology minister blamed the company for the rampant deforestation in the tropics.

Will you continue to buy Nutella?

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