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O.J. Simpson Reveals His Plans For Life As A Free Man

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In the early hours of the morning, one of America's most famous inmates started a new chapter of his life as a free man.

O.J. Simpson, who came to fame as a running back in the National Football League before acting in the Naked Gun comedy series, left prison today after serving 9 years for kidnapping and armed robbery. Simpson was originally sentenced to serve 33 years, but was granted parole in July.

Simpson and his legal team pictured after hearing his Not Guilty verdict.AP

Simpson's troubles with the law first came to light in 1995, when he was charged with murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson pleaded not guilty, and was acquitted after a closely-followed case that was dubbed "the Trial of the Century."

While he walked away a free man, Simpson had a second run-in with the law in 2007. He was one of a group of men who stole sports memorabilia at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel. Simpson later claimed the memorabilia was his, and that he was taking them back.

Simpson was found guilty of ten charges, including two counts of 1st degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon. Simpson apologized for his role in the robbery at his parole hearing earlier this year.

Simpson, seen shortly after being released.Splash News

But what is in store for O.J. now that he's a free man? It turns out Simpson has already shared some details of his plan for life after prison...

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