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"Octomom" Reveals The One Trick She Uses To Teach Her Kids Gratefulness During The Holidays

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Every family has their own Christmastime traditions, but for former reality star Octomon, whose real name is Nadya Suleman, there is one very important tradition she follows when it comes to giving her octuplets Chirstmas gifts.

The 42-year-old single mom rose to fame in 2009 after giving birth to octuplets. The controversial mother's story gained popularity when it was revealed that she was already mom to six other children, all the while being unemployed.


For a while, she appeared everywhere, from tabloids, to newspapers, and television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show. She later starred in a slew of adult movies, which she claimed she did to make ends meet.

Suleman eventually made the decision to step out of the spotlight to focus on raising her children to be productive and respectable members of society.

“There was definitely a catalyst — my girls, particularly my oldest daughter Amerah. She was about 10, and she started integrating my traits and behaviors,” she said. “After I had observed my daughter beginning to emulate me, I saw her going down that same potentially destructive path, and I realized at that moment I’d rather be homeless in my van with all 14 kids than continuing down this path. It was not what I wanted for my children.”

Suleman, along with her brood, moved to Orange County, California for a new start about three years ago. She now works as a family therapy counselor, a job she is very passionate about.

She's setting some great examples for her kids, and recently opened up about how she teaches her children to be grateful during the holidays.

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