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Bride Poses Alone For Heartbreaking Wedding Photos, But The Reason Why Is Inspiring

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Rachel Smaller Photography

It's a story that we sadly hear all too often: a police officer killed in the line of duty left behind a loving fiance.

But Nikki Salgot chose to do something special to remember her late fiance, and her project has been going viral ever since she unveiled it last month. Salgot's fiance, Police Sergeant Collin Rose, was a member of the Wayne State University Police Department. He was shot and killed while investigating a suspicious person last year.

Salgot and Rose.WXYZ 7

Rose was remembered as a respected member of his community, and Salgot was heartbroken for months after his death. β€œIt's been almost a year," she wrote on Facebook last month, "and it still feels like yesterday he walked out the door for work, and never came home.”

"I loved a hero and paid the price," she added. "Given the chance, knowing the outcome, I'd do it all over again.”

Rachel Smaller Photography

And while the couple couldn't officially tie the knot, Salgot didn't want their wedding date last month to be "ignored and forgotten." She recruited her friend Rachel Smaller for a memorial photo shoot that would honor Rose and their relationship.

Rachel Smaller Photography

Smaller and Salgot hadn't spoken for a decade when the widow sent her a message, but the photographer agreed right away. While no one can deny the photos she took are touching, Salgot says they have a special importance for her.

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