Ohio University Gets First Pizza-Dispensing ATM

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Ohio University Gets First Pizza-Dispensing ATM

What's better than getting money out of a machine? How about getting a whole, hot pizza? You might consider going back to school after you hear what this university is about to install in it's food court.

This August, Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio will get the first pizza-dispensing ATM machine in The United States.

The project is a partnership between Paline, the French company that created this incredible machine. Paline has over 300 machines throughout European countries - including Italy!

According to Fox News, the French company says colleges and business in 20 states and Canada have shown interest. Each machine costs $55,000 and contains 70 pies at a time.

Users can choose up to eight toppings and then the dough is transferred to an internal convection oven. The pizza takes less than three minutes to bake and each order sells for $10 a pie.

Watch the video below!

Would you order from the Pizza ATM? Or do you think this is taking fast food too far?