Old Navy Announced Their New $1 Deal, And It's Way Better Than Flip Flops


Old Navy Announced Their New $1 Deal, And It's Way Better Than Flip Flops

Old Navy is a great place to shop for the whole family. They have clothing ranging from business casual to athletic wear, from babies to adults, it's all there!

OId Navy is also known for their great deals throughout the year. You can bet Old Navy has some of the lowest prices at all times, with rotating deals depending on the season. Their best (and most famous) deal is their $1 flip flop sale during the summer.

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For one day only, you can buy your summer stash of footwear for less than $10. It's a pretty impressive deal that everyone loves, but the major retailer has decided to add a new sale to their repertoire that is sure to get people talking.

It has been revealed that Old Navy will be selling their fuzzy socks for $1 a pair this Black Friday, which is 80% less than the normal $5 price tag.

It's unclear as to whether the deal is just in-store or if it's also online, but more details will be released as Black Friday approaches. Old Navy does have a feature where you can reserve items at a store to pick them up later, so if you want to make sure you get your stash, go ahead and set that up right now!

Old Navy is also having a 40% off sale leading up to Black Friday, which is November 24th. Make sure you scope out all the best deals before you head out to do your shopping!

How many pairs of these socks will you be getting?

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