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10 Ways Seniors Can Keep Safe During A Heatwave

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You don't need me to tell you that the U.S. is getting hotter every summer. You simply feel it.

Extreme temperatures are extremely dangerous for young kids and people over the age of 60.

It can cause dehydration, heatstroke, and loads of other health problems.

Heat-related deaths or hospitalizations in older adults are on the rise, here are 10 things you should do to keep you and your loved ones safe.

1. Stay indoors between 12 am and 4 pm

Try to avoid leaving the house during the hottest times of the day, which is usually between 11 am and 4 pm.

This really depends on your city, though. If you find your town is still hot after 4 pm, then you'll have to find a way to change up your schedule.

If you do need to leave the house, try to walk in shady spots and don't stay outside for long periods of time. If you must, walk in an air conditioned store before you venture out again.

2. Keep these plants in your home

There are dozens of common houseplants that work to detoxify your air and keep your home cool.

You can find aloe veras, ferns, snake plants, and golden pathos at any local plant store or Walmart in your city. They're also super cheap!

The bonus here is that plants have other health benefits, like spreading good energy.

3. Save money by turning on air conditioning for only an hour

I'm sure you're reading this article because you want to find a way to stay safe this summer without spending too much money.

If there's a heat wave, you definitely want to turn on your air conditioner for an hour or so.

Let the cool air circulate around your home by setting up fans around the house. This way, your home will stay cool long after you turn off the A/C.

4. Unplug electronics

The best way to keep your house cool in these scorching summer months is to get rid of anything that's causing heat in your home.

When there's a heat wave, avoid cooking a steak in your home. Instead, make a sandwich.

Turn off lights and unplug electronics that are not in use.

According to Mother Earth Living, most electronics generate heat even when they're not turned on.

5. Stay hydrated

This one seems like a no-brainer, but not enough people do this during a heat wave.

Carry a bottle of cold water with you at all times.

I know it's tempting to drink coffee or tea in the morning, but replace that with a cold caffeinated beverage.

6. Carry an extra water bottle (but for a different reason)

You should always have an extra water bottle for your face and neck.

Splash yourself with water throughout the day to keep your body cool.

7. Close your blinds

You'll want to make your home as cool as possible by closing blinds or curtains when the sun is out.

The darker your curtains, the better.

Open your windows on cool nights to let air circulate throughout your home.

8. Turn on bathroom and exhaust fan

These fans suck in hot air and remove it from your home.

This is a trick that not a lot of people know about, so pass it on!

9. Wear breathable clothing

Cotton is your best friend in the warm summer months, trust me.

Wear loose, lightweight clothes that allow your skin to breathe.

10. Stay away from reflective items

Stay away from mirrors, crystals, spoons, or any other reflective items that is in direct sunlight.

They can cause serious burns on your body when reflected.

And don't forget to follow weather forecasts to plan your day accordingly!

Share this with friends and family to keep them safe this summer!

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