Olympic Medalist Welcomes Son With Screenwriter Husband, Gives Him Sentimental Name


Olympic Medalist Welcomes Son With Screenwriter Husband, Gives Him Sentimental Name

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Congratulations are in order for Olympian Tom Daley and Academy Award-winner Dustin Lance Black for the arrival of their newborn son.

The British bronze medalist had announced the couple were expecting a child back in February by posting a picture of the sonogram on Instagram, and included the caption: "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️👨"ðŸ‘¨"ðŸ‘¦â¤ï¸."

In 2016, the duo shared their big plans for the future, which included expanding their family.

"We were so busy making all these plans "“ we both wanted to have children; we both wanted to build a home of our own someday," Black told PEOPLE in a joint interview with Daley. "I draw, so I was sketching little plans for houses on cliffs overlooking oceans, while Tom watched over my shoulder "“ it was a very grown-up version of playing house."

In a separate interview, Daley had also expressed his desire to have a bundle of kids.

"I grew up with two brothers," he told BuzzFeed. "So I'd like to have at least three [children]."

While the arrival of a child is an exciting time in any couple's life, Daley admitted he and his husband faced criticism for using a surrogate to expand their family.

"With Kim Kardashian West, people felt sorry she's not able to have a child because of health reasons. How lovely it is that a surrogate has been willing to do that."

The diver added: "But for every other gay couple that is not able to have a child, but desperately would love to bring up a child like any heterosexual couple, we have been treated quite differently."

But their dreams came true late last month, when Daley and Black published a brief statement on the arrival of their son in the U.K.'s Times newspaper on Saturday.

"Black-Daley: On 27 June 2018 to Thomas Robert Daley and Dustin Lance Black, a son, Robert Ray," it said.

The name holds significance to the pair as Robert was the name of Daley's father, who passed away in 2011 from brain cancer. It's also Daley's middle name.

"My dad was an incredibly brave man, completely dedicated to his family, with a love for all," Daley said in a statement at the time. "If I could be half the dad he was to my children then that will be an achievement in itself."

Daley and Black each shared precious snaps of their newborn on Instagram, and he already has fluffs of hair!

"Welcome to the world little Robbie Ray. Thank you for bringing so much love and light with you. And thank you to those who helped turn our dream of having a family into this wonderful reality. ❤️#AFamily #HappyBirthday 👨"ðŸ‘¨"ðŸ‘¦," Black captioned his photo.

Again, we wish nothing but the best to this happy family!

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